Plants for health

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Growing plants can be a stress reliever

Psychologist agree that life can be very stressful. Worrying about bills, work, and other things can lead to all sorts of health issues.

I live in Hawaii and the weather is great for growing all sorts of plants. Taking a few minutes a day to take care of a plant allows one to focus on the present time. This small act can move one away from stress.

So, buy a plant. Ask the person selling the plant the best way to care for it. Cactus and other succulents are very easy to grow and care for.

Another option is a enclosed terrarium. The system is already set up and most times takes the minimum of care. Again consult the seller on the proper say to care for it.

Just remember that focus your attention on caring for the plant and let the rest of your problems take the back seat for the moment. The idea is to let your body enjoy a time away from the stress and your body will thank you.

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